MMA Attack 2

I injured my neck 2 weeks and 1 day prior to the fight. It was pretty bad; my left arm was numb and in agony at the same time. I hurt the bottom of my neck and the top of my back, I think T6/T7. The muscles around tightened into a knot next to my spine. I had physio and a chiro work done for for 2 weeks, stopped sparring and could only carry on doing sprints until a few days before the fight.

MMA Attack 2

I flew out, had stopped eating and drinking and once I hit the bath to cut the weight the injury just went from bad to worse again. All the physio and work to relax the injury was undone pretty quickly and I realised right away I couldn’t fight…. or I could but I would lose badly and probably hurt my neck really badly too.

I love to fight but I like the feeling in my left hand more. It was a really tough decision to make. I’ve fought hurt in half my fights but this was just too much.

The show itself was just huge. You would have to be there to believe it. Honestly Polish MMA shows are better than any other show I’ve been to outside of the UFC by miles. There was a freak fight to keep the average fan happy, but there were some high level legit world class fighters on the show in Peter Sobotta and Damian Grabowski.

I went to the show with my wife and daughter and Wesley Murch. We had ringside seats. Even though I couldn’t fight, we were treated brilliantly. The owner and organisers are really good people. I want to heal up for 4 weeks now, then hit training again and get ready for MMA Attack 3. I won’t quit like this and will fight on MMA Attack 3 I hope, and if I can win, then will go back there again.

I’m not quite ready to stop fighting yet, and want win number twenty yet.

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