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Made 4 The Cage 6

Made 4 The Cage 6

United Kingdom Rainton Meadows Arena, Houghton Le Spring

Made 4 The Cage move to a bigger venue and their show is headlined by the title fight between Jeff Monson and Darren Towler.

Event Review

Made 4 The Cage 6 Event Report
by Craig St Clair

Despite some last minute problems brought about by former UFC star Jeff Monson's passport issues, Made 4 The Cage managed to still give us an excellent 11 fight pro card, showcasing talent from all over the UK. Since there were a lot of quick finishes I'll give you a run down from the bottom of the main card.

The main card opened with Andy Cona taking on local favourite Jonny Bilton in a welterweight clash. The fight opened with Bilton landing some solid leg kicks until Cona tried to bull rush Bilton, unfortunately this led to Jonny securing a solid takedown. To his credit Cona looked for the guillotine but Bilton had already passed safely to side control, leaving Cona to simply gas his arms out. Bilton then showed his ground skills, that were highlighted throughout an extensive semi pro career, by passing to full mount where he landed some vicious elbows for a solid stoppage moving up to 2-1-0 in his pro career.

The next fight saw Steve ‘Bam Bam’ Gardner, unfortunately not resurrecting his Rick Martell-esque shorts taking on Daniel Park of Tapout and Knockout Gym. Park opened the fight by shooting and securing the takedown passing straight to mount and landing some vicious ground and pound. Bam Bam then gave up his back attempting to escape the mount and eventually tapped to the strikes from Park.

The third fight saw the heavyweights come out to battle with Alex Foreman taking on Team Machine product Martin Thompson in a ‘blink and you miss it’ fight. Foreman opened up with a leg kick then, I may have blinked and missed it, but he collapsed after Thompson clinched him and clubbed hit with a hard punch, then “The Ox” ground and pounded to finish moving to a solid 9-5-0 record.

Fight number 4 saw the man with more miles on the clock than a 40 year old Ford Escort, Mark Aldrige, take on debut pro fighter Wayne Coxon at featherweight. The fight was always going to be a fun affair with Coxon having an extensive and impressive semi-pro record and Aldridge always coming for a fight! In a change from the usual swinging for the fences style Mark quickly clinched Coxon against the cage. However, Coxon used some impressive Judo skills to throw his opponent. From his back Aldridge quickly threw up an armbar and looked close to getting it,but Coxon managed to defend well and took Mark's back, finishing with a rear naked choke.

The middleweights were next looking to beat the time set earlier by the heavyweights. Chris Kernaghan took on Matt Hallam. The Rough House prospect came out, threw a jab then followed up with a head kick dropping Kernaghan and finishing him by KO with a couple of hammer fists in just 15 seconds!

Next up Deam Malham took on Tim Close in a lightweight battle which saw one minute of action before Close managed to secure an armbar after Malham looked to secure a guillotine off Close's takedown.

A flyweight battle followed that one, with Mark Handley taking on Sham Haque. The first round saw the two men showing each other some respect by feeling out slowly before they started to engage. Sham used excellent striking and grappling, managing to stuff a takedown and land in mount. Handley was flattened out and Haque landed some good shots,. Handley scrambled and managed to take Sham's back, the round ended with Haque scrambling and landing a big slam.

It was clear inbetween rounds that Handley had an injury but he tried to fight on. The opening of round 2 saw Haque land a solid left hand before Handley verbally submitted.
The next fight saw local favourite Andrew Fisher make his debut at featherweight to take on Danny Welsh. Danny landed a leg kick before Fisher took him down from the clinch, passing quickly to side, then mount. Welsh gave up his back allowing Fisher to sink in the rear naked choke for the submission win.

Kyle Redfearn and Craig Turner took to the cage for the first of the three title fights. The first round saw the two fighters cancelling each other out in the clinch with Redfearn showing some solid clinch striking.

Round 2 saw both fighters work their respective striking games, both landing some very technical strikes and combinations before Turner began unloading with heavy leg kicks, damaging Redfearn's lead leg and eventually dropping him with a leg kick at the death of round 2.

The final round opened with Turner punishing Redfearn's leg even more with low kicks, and even landing punches to the thigh in the clinch! Redfearn then got busted open by a solid jab from Turner as both men slugged it out into the final round. A heavy dropped Redfearn and then three academic hammerfists later and the fight was over with Craig Turner earning the belt.

The second title match saw Dinky Ninja Rab Truesdale look to take the title back to Scotland with him as he took on Kevin Thompson. The match opened with Thompson using solid head movement to avoid Truesdale's strikes. Rab then shot for a takedown. Thompson defended, looking for a standing guillotine, but Truesdale secured the slam to side control. Thompson weathered the ground and pound to move back to guard, breaking down Truesdale's posture and securing his back before sinking in a rear naked choke for the win.

The main event saw Team Machine favourite Darren Towler take on last minute replacement Brad Conway, who showed his fighting spirit by taking the fight in which he was clearly at a size disadvantage.

The match opened with Conway trying to use his speed to avoid the North East ‘Powerhouse’. Conway then shot for the takedown, Towler defended then used his size and strength to shove Conway to his back. Towler began landing some heavy ground and pound before the referee stepped in to warn him about shots to the back of the head. After Conway recovered from the illegal blows Brad shot for the takedown and Towler again used his size to defend, overpowering Conway and ground and pounding his way to a TKO to take home the heavyweight title.

Full Made 4 The Cage 6 Results

Your MMA Fight Night Awards

KO of the Night: Matt Hallam
Submission of the Night: Andrew Fisher
Fight of the Night: Anas Mounir vs. Perry Goodwin - an epic three round war for the amateur welterweight title.

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