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SFC 8: Firepower

SFC 8: Firepower

United Kingdom Albert Hall, Stirling, Scotland

Scotland's SFC return, with Craig McIntosh vs. Matti Laurenson topping the bill in Stirling.

Event Preview

Scotland's SFC return to the fray this weekend with 'SFC 8: Firepower', featuring professional and amateur MMA, as well as some K-1 style kickboxing bouts.

Topping the bill is a featherweight encounter between Craig McIntosh and Matti Laurenson, of the Dinky Ninjas and Spartans respectively. Both fighters were successful amateurs and will be making their debut in the pro ranks.

Also featuring is Kieran Malone vs. Stephane Guaresi, with Guaresi visiting from France's Boxing Squad to take on the wrestler Malone. Heavyweights Rab Truesdale and Euan Sloan will square off in a battle of the big men.

On the other end of the spectrum, a strawweight bout is on the bill too, with Ian Postlethwaite meeting Robert Carlin in one of the UK's only 115lbs encounters. Paul Patrick vs. Edipo Fernandez and Ian Feenan vs. Wully Mccurdy round off the pro card.

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SFC 8 Firepower Fight Card

Professional Bouts

Craig McIntosh (DNFT) v Matti Laurenson (Spartans) FW

Keiran Malone (DNFT) v Stephane Guaresi (Boxing Squad France) 72kgs CW

Paul Patrick (Shooters) v Edipo Fernandez (France) 73kg CW

Iain Postlethwaite (Lycans) v Robert Carlin (Antonine Mma) StrawW

Euan Sloan (Shooters) v Rab Truesdale (Assassins) HW

Ian Feenan (Headhunters) v Wully Mccurdy (Force Fitness) 80kg CW

K1 Rules Bout

Adam Stevenson (SMAC) v Ravzan Boast 70kg

Amateur MMA Bouts

Peter Mcafferty (Chimera) v Mark Duncan (Wishaw MMA) 62kgs
Chris Duncan (SMAC) v Chris Morton ( Ind ) 77kgs
Mike Cowperthwaite (Spartans) v Roddy Campbell (Shooters) 84kgs
Garry Priestley (Ind) v Aubery Tarr (IFS Ni) 57kgs
Simon Kelly (Team Parente) v Scott Drummond (SMAC) 68kgs
Brian Forrest (Independent) v Kalvis Ciemins (Fusion MMA) 84kgs
Owen Longrigg (Lycans) v Jack Demarco (Team Parente) 70kgs
Grahame Postlethwaite (Lycans) v Thomas Henney (SMAC) 80kgs

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