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War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'

War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'

United Kingdom Fusion Night Club, Workington

Hokushinko Fight Academy promote their latest event the Fusion nightclub, with a night of MMA, boxing and Muay Thai in Cumbria.

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  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.
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  • War In Workington 11 'Young Guns'.

Event Review

War in Workington 11 'Young Guns' Event Report by Graham Ingledow

Yet again War in Workington had something for everyone: MMA, Thai boxing, cage boxing, fights from the ladies aswell as the gents, submissions, decisions and knockouts - everything you need for a great night of action. The Hokushinko promotion just keeps delivering the goods time and time again. It's all thanks to Mark Hodgson and his team, and of course all the fighters and their clubs.

Starting with the top of the bill, a cage boxing bout for the vacant British Heavyweight Cage Boxing Title between Stuart 'Oscar' Irwin and Decca 'The Machine' Heggie. This was fight of the night before the bell had even sounded as anyone who knows these two guys will know they only turn up for a fight.

95% of the support was for the local fighter 'Oscar', which only seemed to make 'The Machine' want this win even more. Speaking to Heggie prior to his fight, he knew the threat posed by 'Oscar' which, if you read my last report from 'Carlisle Cage Carnage', you'll know is a massive right hand which KO'd a very decent amateur boxer. 'The Machine' was relaxed and confident and I could tell from his body languge that he was 100% fired up for this fight.

The fight started with a feeling out proccess which lasted all of three seconds, and after that it was apparent just how much both these guys wanted this belt. Every punch thrown was intended to send the other to an early bed. Both men were landing shot after shot and the crowd showed their appreciation by cheering as each fighter left nothing in the changing room. Back and forth, back and forth; each fighter taking it in turn to inflict an array of punches on the other. 'Oscar' was landing some of the sweeter punches onto the chin of 'The Machine', who just gave him a nod and a wink. Oscar just edged the first round.

Round 2 saw the same intent as the first round with both men looking for the KO. 'The Machine' looked like he was starting to find his range and was working the jab very well. I must say, for a big guy Heggie has a lightning double jab, which was often followed by a straight right which forced 'Oscar' to adjust in order to accomodate this lethal combination. Then it was the turn of Irwin who opened up with some great body shots which pushed Heggie up against the cage wall. These shots where followed by two big right uppercuts which buckled the legs of 'The Machine', sending him to the canvas. Getting back up, he was forced to take some big breaths of air and tried to just hold on until the end of the round, which he managed to do.

Round 3 was as exciting as the first two with both fighters again landing decent combinations and, if it wasn't for the chins of both these guys, the fight would have been over inside the first minute. Oscar found a way through 'The Machine's' guard and caused the blood to start flowing. This bout was not a disappointment and was my fight of the night. The fight went to the judges' scorecardsm who gave the nod to Stuart 'Oscar' Irwin. Great entertainment!

The co-main event saw local girl Nong Mem Dally - the wife of world Muay Thai Champion Alex Dally - taking on Michelle McKenzie in a full Thai rules fight. This was tipped by many as a contender for fight of the night as we have seen both girls in action before and, like the men, they leave nothing outside the cage.

This started out with Mem looking to work her leg kicks and after landing several it was McKenzie looking to counter. She did with a straight right hand which immediately sent Mem to the floor after 13 seconds. This shot must have taken its toll on Mem as from then on in she allowed McKenzie to dictate where the fight would take place and that was with McKenzie pressing Mem against the cage wall and landing knees and punches.

Round 2 saw Mem taking the centre of the cage where she was finding her range and landing some decent shots but McKenzie, staying aware of this, kept pushing Mem to the cage and working from there. Mem was struggling to cope with McKenzie's strength and was not being allowed to showcase her excellent skills. Not taking anything away from McKenzie who had a game plan and stuck to it very well indeed.

Round 3 was the same as the two preceding it . Mem starting brightly with some good leg kicks and punches but it seemed to have little effect on McKenzie who again pressed Mem against the cage and continued to land knees and punches.

A very entertaining fight which in my opinion could have been fight of the night if it wasn't for the knock down in round one, which took the steam out of Mem for the rest of the fight as I feel she wasn't at her best after that. The decision was a unanimous win for McKenzie. Special thanks to Jackie Short and Stu Holden for travelling through to judge and referee this full Thai bout.

Another cage boxing bout was the heavyweight fight between local guy Carl Ward and Chad Parish. This was another great fight with both men looking to impose their will early on. Ward was the aggressor throughout this fight, pressing Parish against the cage and working some dirty boxing on him. Parish was trying to answer back but with little effect and this fight went to the judges who gave Ward the nod.

Top of the bill in terms of MMA saw Dave Turner taking on Carlisle fighter Andrew Forrester. Forrester, making his MMA debut, looked unfazed as Turner bounced around showing his intent to him.

This fight started out with Forrester landing some good leg kicks. Turner replied by getting close and taking him down. As Forrester hit the floor he looked to work straight away and pulled Turner into what looked like a solid armbar. Turner looked in trouble at this point but managed to stand up, lifting Forrester with him and slamming him not once, not twice, and not even three times, but a fourth before Forrester let go of the arm. Turner managed to get full mount on Forrester and started unloading punches but Forrester pulled him close and the referee has no option but to stand them up.

Straight away Turner presses Forrester against the cage and they both land some knees. Turner then adopted a traditional Thai clinch around Forrester's neck, stepping back and pulling his man forward to let go with a single knee to the waiting chin of Forrester, which was enough to keep Forrester on the canvas for nearly five minutes needing attention from the doctors. This was as clean a KO from a single knee as you will ever see. Great technique from Turner. We later got news from the Forrester camp that he was OK but suffered some concussion.

Fifteen year-old Jordan Holmes was again boxing, but this time against Miko Lewis. From the bell Miko pushed and set an early pace, putting Holmes on the back foot for where he spent the majority of the first round. Miko didn't look like letting up on his 100mph pace.

Round 2 came and everyone was thinking Miko had put too much into the first round and couldn't keep the same pace, but again he came to fight and was at full speed, with Holmes struggling to slow him down. Holmes' shots seemed to have little or no effect on his opponent's intensity. The turning point came when Holmes landed a bunch of decent shots and started getting up for the first time in the fight, showing great footwork and finding his range.

Round 3 was at the same pace as the other two but with Holmes sensing Miko tiring. He wanted to try and finish the fight but Miko was strong and had a decent chin. It went to the judges with a draw being the only outcome as both men gave a great show for the crowd.

Willow Grey and Emma Strange came face to face in 3x2 minute rounds of cage boxing. These two girls showed great heart and skill throughout their bout. This was entertainment at its best as these two tiny ladies showcased polished skills. To look at you would never have imagined that they were part of a full contact sport.

Willow caught Strange with a sweet left hook and everyone was sure it was over but Strange just stumbled and got her composure back and went straight on the offensive, landing some big shots of her own. I was struggling to call this bout as both girls were swinging for the fences and the crowd were loving it. It was it was left to the judges and Willow got the nod; she landed the cleaner of the shots but take nothing away from the work rate of Strange - she was in the mix for the whole bout.

Martyn O'Neil and Lewis Bailey had a good scrap that went the distance. It was a pretty even affair but O'Neil edged it as he looked a lot stronger and was punishing Bailey with knees from side control. Bailey was always busy off his back but O'Neil was hard to budge and and he sealed his win with a good takedown in the last round. O'Neil wins via decision.

Daz Nicholson and Romeo Routledge came together for another cage boxing bout. This proved to be another great match up from Mark Hodgson as both guys gave it 100% from the off. The bout had everything apart from a KO as there was a real show of class from both men. The shots that had landed would have stopped lesser men but they both slugged it out and it went to the judges. The verdict was a draw but I believe we should have seen another round.

Daniel Pattinson and Gary Purcell had a toe to toe meeting in the middle of the Octagon and it was Pattinson who made the early exchange with some very good leg kicks which Purcell, at times, checked successfully. After a brief stumble by both guys Pattinson quickly got back to his feet, wanting the fight to stay standing. Or so I thought, as he then took Purcell to the ground and finished with a nice armbar after three minutes of the first round.

The first fight of the night was between Ainsleigh Murdoch and Jake Duffy in an amateur MMA contest. This was a fiery affair with plenty of leg kicks by both men and some nice submission attempts and neat defence work. There was also some showboating and Ali-like shuffles from Ainsleigh who won the fight via judge's decision.

These shows just keep getting better and better thanks to the great matching of the fighters. People might turn their noses up at the fact there wasn't much MMA on this particular bill, but watching the class of the fighters on the other bouts really made up for it.

The cage boxing is really taking off as there are no 'Queensburry Rules' and a lot of dirty boxing, so it only leaves the guys to fight it out in some great heart-stopping bouts. Also the level of skill from the ladies Thai fights is second to none.

This show had it all again; the big KO, the submissions and the crowd. It's an honour for me to be able to be part of the Hokushinko productions - not just 'War in Workington' promotions, but also the 'Carlisle Cage Carnage' show which is as equally good. I've had it from promoter Mark Hodgson that he has a few supprises in store for the Carlisle show, so watch this space!

There was great work from the referees Dave Straughton (boxing), Stu Holden (Thai Boxing) and Mark Hodgson (MMA) as well as the rest of the officials, not forgetting the best MC in the country Stuart Allan who always gets the crowd on their feet.

Fight of the Night: Stuart 'Oscar' Irwin vs. Decca 'The Machine' Heggie

Knockout of the Night: Dave Turner

Submission of the Night: Daniel Pattinson


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