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Martin Buschkamp.

Buschkamp: The Ground Is My Ocean, Most People Don't Know How To Swim!

Martin Buschkamp speaks to Your MMA ahead of his Cage Warriors Fight Night 8 clash with Matteus Lahdesmaki.

Author: Jay Furness (@JayFurnessMMA)


The first time many UK and European MMA fans heard the name Martin Buschkamp may well have been when the German prospect was announced to fight on Cage Warriors Fight Night 8. All set to take on Matteus Lahdesmaki in a featherweight encounter, it's certainly more high profile than any that have come before,

At an undefeated 6-0 (1NC), the Planet Eater representative has garnered all of his previous victories in dominant fashion; the rear naked choke being his weapon of choice. Now he's happy to step up and take on his toughest test to date in the experienced Finn, who draws closer to the twenty-five fight mark and has been an active professional since 2004.

Buschkamp would have hoped to be a perfect 7-0 had it not been what he called "a total disaster" and a ruling he believed to be an incorrect No Contest instead of a TKO at GMC in February, but he admits that is just added motivation for his next battle.

Despite coming unstuck at the hands of CWFC champion Jim Alers last year, opponent Lahdesmaki has wins over top European fighters such as Graham Turner and Olivier Pastor. You'd be a fool to take him lightly, and 'Barracuda' is doing nothing of the sort.

"Matteus has been around the block and has been able to cut his teeth internationally, fighting in Japan and in North America," noted Buschkamp of his opponent's experience. "He’s been where I plan on going in my career as well.

"Even though he’s had more MMA fights than me, I have competed a lot in karate, no-gi grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling in the last few years as well. I believe that there are no experienced or inexperienced, no young or old fighters – just good ones and bad ones."

With seventeen more professional fights and five more active years in the game, the veteran Lahdesmaki has seen it all and will likely have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Considering Buschkamp is yet to see a second round, there is a definite disparity in cage time between them.

However, Buschkamp already affirmed that he doesn't see it as such a big factor, but he did admit that his Nordic opponent would no doubt  have a plan to drag it into the murky waters of the latter rounds in order to seek an advantage.

"Oh. for sure! He will want to survive the first three minutes and drag me into the later rounds to test my stamina. Rest assured that I will train to fight hard not just for three rounds if necessary, but ten!

"Working harder in training and going into the fight better prepared is the perfect way to overcome not only more cage time, but all other obstacles as well."

The young German certainly has the confidence in his preparation, as well as converting that fight camp into success when he steps into the arena. Training under UFC veteran Peter Sobotta, he's right to take the positives from the experience that surrounds him.

Undefeated in seven fights since he exited the UFC, Sobotta has shown that the invaluable lessons he learned on the biggest stage have helped him evolve, and he's no doubt sharing these with his students.

"[Peter] has gained a lot of experience during that time, training and learning from great champions like Piotr Baginski, Human Nikmaslak, Dean Lister, Albert Kraus and Robert Drysdale. He’s now passing their tricks and knowledge on to the next generation of fighters."

At just twenty-two, Buschkamp is the next generation, and it's big leap to take on one of the most experienced campaigners in his division on the European circuit. No doubt buoyed by his clean slate so far, he's looking forward to testing himself at the next level.

"So far in my career, I have mostly fought against opponents where I’ve been the heavy favorite going into the fight. I see this one as an exam I have to pass to move on to the next stage of my career," he revealed.

"I’ve always trained as hard and as often as possible, which is not an easy thing to do as I’m also working long hours every day, but getting the chance to fight for one of Europe’s biggest organizations gives me a big motivational boost!"

Now amongst an active 145lbs division under the CWFC banner, there are plenty of matchups for him to be excited about, and not just this weekend's tussle in the United Arab Emirates. There are more and more fighters being signed to the ranks, and that just serves as extra fuel for Buschkamp to succeed.

"I think the Cage Warriors featherweight division is stacked with talent and I see myself fitting in there quite nicely. I’m not so bold to challenge the champion anytime soon or European Top 10 caliber fighters like Robert Whiteford or Niklas Bäckström just yet, but somewhere down the line if I keep being successful, these are the type of opponents that I need to face.

"Beating Matteus would mean that I belong in the same cage with the best fighters in Europe and would hopefully result in Cage Warriors inviting me to fight for them again. They have so many great fights for me like Graham Turner, Chris Fishgold, Joni Salovaara, or even yourself Jay, that this is definitely the place I see myself in for the near future!"

The future, for now, is just speculation, but Buschkamp will have certainly equipped himself well in preparation for the imminent bout this weekend. Finally reflecting on how he sees that going, he said, "The plan is to beat him wherever the fight goes."

Lahdesmaki is known for his grappling style and has ten of his twelve wins by submission, but this isn't going to faze his young foe - in fact, he welcomes it.

"The ground is my ocean. I am the barracuda and most people don't even know how to swim!

"Should it hit the mat, I will do what I do best and that’s run a grappling clinic on my opponent. Matteus has been doing this for much longer than I have and he has submitted a few really good opponents. I definitely respect his ground game, but I’m not afraid of it.

"I plan on bringing our brand of Buschkamp Jiu-Jitsu into the Cage Warriors cage, with scrambles, sweeps and submissions chained together at a breakneck pace. There will be stinging leg kicks, powerful slams and if Matteus makes the same mistake as my last opponent and tries to get under my skin, I guarantee there will be blood!"

Martin Buschkamp certainly sounds confident, ready and willing to engage with Matteus Lahdesmaki whatever the circumstances on fight night. With seven professional fights undefeated, and a particular axe to grind given some unfortunate circumstances last time round, he's no doubt expecting a career defining performance from himself.

Cage Warriors fans may not be so familiar just yet, but he plans on changing that in Al Fujairah, where we'll really see just where the Barracuda is in the food chain.

"I want to take the opportunity to thank my brothers Thomas and Matthäus for challenging me on a daily level, my coach Peter Sobotta, my training partners, especially the Götte brothers, Paul Berdikov, Alexandros Michailidis, Shtegu Vrajolli and Georg Goedecke. I want to say ‘obrigado’ to Mestre Augusto Frota and his team for welcoming me and my brothers with open arms and taking the time to perfect my game."

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Image via Valentino Kerkhof


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