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Deyan Topalski.

Deyan Topalski: I Will Show I'm The Better Fighter

Bulgaria's Deyan Topalski speaks to Your MMA about challenging for Jack Hermansson's title at Cage Warriors 71.

Author: Jeevan Dhaliwal (@JeevanSD_MMA)


Bulgaria's Deyan Topalski was somewhat of a surprise call-up for the Cage Warriors middleweight title, with the bout being announced relatively late following issues with the SMMAF in Sweden.

Cage Warriors moved CWFC 71 to Amman, Jordan, and Topalski was confirmed as the opponent for defending champion Jack Hermansson. The powerful southpaw won't be overlooked though, as he is brimming with confidence and positive about the opportunity that has been presented to him.

With a long list of kickboxing credentials and an impressive MMA record of 11-2, the active Sofia fighter was ready to step up when the call came. Hermansson's performances have been getting stronger since he returned to Cage Warriors, but Topalski won't be overawed by the Oslo-based champ.

YourMMA.tv caught up with Topalski for a few words ahead of the fight at Cage Warriors 71.

YourMMA.tv: How are you feeling ahead of this fight?

Deyan Topalski: I feel just great. I'm looking forward to fight day. I prepare well in my gym Friends MMA in Sofia, Bulgaria. This will be my third fight in 50 days, so you can imagine that I haven't stopped training in last 3-4 months, for more than 1 day. The weight cut is never problem a for me. I have never missed weight and this time will be no different. I have just 5 more pounds to cut today (Wednesday), which is nothing.

YourMMA.tv: For those who don't know much about you, can you tell us some information about yourself?

Deyan Topalski: I'm Deyan Topalski, from Bulgaria. I was a 7-times Bulgarian kickboxing champion before I changed to MMA in 2010. I graduated from the Technical University of Sofia, and I'm an engineer, but my passion is combat sports. My fight style is mostly based on counter striking, I describe myself as a striker.

YourMMA.tv: What do you know about Jack?

Deyan Topalski: I saw some of Jack's fights on the internet. He's a well rounded fighter. I respect him a lot, but no more. I think I'm the better fighter and I will show it in the cage.. He will give me a tough fight, I expect no less. I'm not afraid of being taken down. My ground game is not a weakness, I just don't show it because my opponents could not take me down. At some point the fight will go down I guess.

YourMMA.tv: Have you been studying him and looking for something to exploit in the fight?

Deyan Topalski: Yes, I saw something that I will explore for sure, just wait for the fight! His fight against Norman was very good, but he showed me something. Let's see if I can put it in use.

YourMMA.tv: What made you sign for CWFC?

Deyan Topalski: Cage Warriors are one of the biggest promotions in the world. For any fighter it should be great to be in such a organization. When my manager called me about the proposal I said "yes" long before knowing the name of my opponent. I hope that our partnership will continue in future.

YourMMA.tv: Can you explain to us how you got the call for a title shot?

Deyan Topalski: My manager called me one day after training and just told me, "You are going to fight for CWFC title." And I say, "YES." I was in preparation for a fight on August 2nd, so I was in shape. After the fight I was without any injuries, so I just continue training and now I'm here.

YourMMA.tv: What would it mean to you to become CWFC Middleweight Champion?

Deyan Topalski: To win the title will be my biggest achievement so far, so I don't care about what someone will thinkor say about me, whether they look past me. I'm here to give my best and, if God decides, I'll bring the belt home.

YourMMA.tv: Can you give us some information about Bulgarian MMA?

Deyan Topalski: MMA in Bulgaria is very popular now. We have fighters In Bellator and the UFC, but wining this belt will be the biggest achievement for a Bulgarian fighter... so far.

YourMMA.tv: Is this your first five-round fight?

Deyan Topalski: Yes, this is my first. I am just training more, until full every day, to became ready for it. Let's see if I make it reality.

YourMMA.tv: Are you looking forward to fighting in Amman, Jordan? What kind of reception and experience are you

Deyan Topalski: Actually, I don't think about it. I'm focused on my fight only. In the cage are just two of us, so we can fight on Mars, I don't care. But it is nice to be here. It's my first time in Jordan and so far it is great here. I hope the fans will support all fighters and will like the show.

YourMMA.tv: Feel free to thank anyone and send a final message to your fans?

Deyan Topalski: Thanks to God first! Thanks to my team, all my sparring partners and sponsors. Thanks to those, that are close to my heart for the support and faith!

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