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UK and British MMA Rankings.

UK MMA Rankings - March 2011; Flyweight Added

With MMA back in full flow in 2011, here are the March rankings featuring lightweight and welterweight top 20.


The Your MMA team are working to battle the constant problem of regular and unbiased UK MMA rankings (or lack thereof). Whilst all rankings remain somewhat subjective, the Your MMA panel aren't tied to any organisation or fighter and are key figures in the UK MMA scene, having been around for years.

The system (over in the Fighter Section) will be updated on an event-by-event basis, keeping them relevant and up to date.

Another issue is the number of top fighters competing internationally, particularly in the busier lightweight and welterweight divisions. Although the 'top tens' live on the site don't support more entrants, Your MMA will publish a list up to twenty for 155lbs and 170lbs, and are working on a similar format for all weight classes in the future. These top twenties will be published monthly.


  • Any fighter that hasn't been active in the last 365 days will be ineligible for consideration (with the caveat being a booked fight within a month of them being 'inactive').
  • Fighters eligible need to be either UK/Irish nationals or located in the UK full time.
  • Fighters moving around in weightclasses will be ranked in the lowest weightclass they have competed in within the last two fights.
  • Fighters competing in catchweight bouts or fighters moving down in weightclasses cannot be ranked at the lower weightclass until they have made the limit and fought there - e.g. a fighter taking on a fight at 73kg after competing at 77kg will not be ranked at lightweight until he has reached the proper weight category.
  • Rankings are based on quality of performance and level of opposition, as well as wins and finishes, with domestic promotional titles not figuring in how highly a fighter is ranked.

You can find the UK MMA Rankings from bantamweight to heavyweight in the Fighters Section (just click on the UK tab). Check back regularly to see how big events shape the top tens.

The flyweight top ten has now also been added.


UK MMA Flyweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Billy Harris
2. Neil Seery
3. Ian Malone
4. Steve McCombe
5. Karl Harrison
6. Mark Platts
7. Owen Gayle
8. Shamsul Haque
9. Paul Hartley
10. Jeremy Palmer


UK MMA Bantamweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Brad Pickett
2. Paul McVeigh
3. James Doolan
4. Vaughn Harvey
5. Leigh Remedios
6. Dino Gambatesa
7. Greg Knapp
8. James McGuinness
9. Mark Connor
10. Declan Williams


UK MMA Featherweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Ronnie Mann
2. Mark Adams
3. Nathan Beer
4. Jeff Lawson
5. Dave Lee
6. David Hill
7. Ashleigh Grimshaw
8. Paul Reed
9. Graham Turner
10. John Cullen


UK MMA Lightweight Top 20 Rankings:

1. Ross Pearson
2. Terry Etim
3. Paul Taylor
4. Paul Kelly
5. Andre Winner
6. Paul Sass
7. Rob Sinclair
8. Curt Warburton
9. Tim Radcliffe
10. Jason Ball
11. Michael Pastou
12. Mick Sinclair
13. Jason Young
14. Daniel Thomas
15. Joe Duffy
16. Francis Heagney
17. Greg Loughran
18. Abdul Mohamed
19. Norman Parke
20. AJ Wenn


UK MMA Welterweight Top 20 Rankings:

1. Paul Daley
2. Dan Hardy
3. John Hathaway
4. Jim Wallhead
5. Marius Zaromskis
6. Che Mills
7. Nick Osipczak
8. John Maguire
9. Wayne Murrie
10. Jess Liaudin
11. Eugene Fadiora
12. Mark Scanlon
13. Pete Irving
14. Danny Mitchell
15. Jake Blyth
16. Alberto Mina
17. Dean Amasinger
18. Ali Arish
19. Leigh Cohoon
20. Ryan Scope


UK MMA Middleweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Michael Bisping
2. Tom Watson
3. Alex Makhonin
4. Claudio Henrique Da Silva
5. Paul Cahoon
6. Denniston Sutherland
7. John Phillips
8. James Zikic
9. Zelg Galesic
10. Jack Mason


UK MMA Light-Heavyweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Karlos Vemola
2. Jimi Manuwa
3. Przemyslaw Mysiala
4. Linton Vassell
5. Tom Blackledge
6. James McSweeney
7. Kevin Thompson
8. Lanus Jones
9. Arunas Andriuskevicius
10. Mark Godbeer


UK MMA Heavyweight Top 10 Rankings:

1. Rob Broughton
2. Neil Grove
3. Neil Wain
4. Stavros Economou
5. Mostapha Al Turk
6. James Thompson
7. Martin Thompson
8. Oli Thompson
9. Ben Smith
10. Phil Defries


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