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UK MMA Awards: April 2012.

UK MMA Awards: April 2012

The best of UK MMA from April, with your votes deciding who tops the polls.

Author: @YourMMA


As the winners for April's UK MMA Awards have just been revealed in issue two of Your MMA Magazine, it's time to unleash those results on you fair folks of the internet.

There were some great outings in April from the likes of the UFC, Cage Warriors, Cage Contender, UCMMA and Vision FC.

With that sort of calibre on show, there was always going to be lots of choice and you voted in droves to show support for your favourites. The results are revealed below.

UK MMA Fighter of the Month

Winner: Liam James - 26%

North East featherweight Liam James was impressive and showed no fear as he took on the 5-0 Jean N'Doye in the Frenchman's debut at the weight. N'Doye had decimated top competition at 155lbs, so most assumed that he would be a wrecking machine at the lower bracket. He did have his moments and finished strong, but James dug in to seal the deal after a great first ten minutes in which he floored Jean with a big right hand.

Runners Up:

James Brum - 20%
John Maguire - 15%
Brian Hyslop - 12%

International Fighter of the Month

Winner: Dean Lister - 35%

The 2011 ADCC champion returned to MMA for the first time since 2009 and the leglock specialist used his bread and butter to defeat local favourite Rodney Moore via heel hook in the third round. Many thought that Rodney was grossly outmatched and in round one it appeared he might be, but he took it to Lister in the second round and forced the American to up his game in the third.

Runners Up:

DJ Linderman - 20%
David Haggstrom - 15%
Victor Cheng - 12%

Event of the Month

Cage Warriors Fight Night 5 - 43%

There were great fights throughout the card, including the brawl between heavyweights DJ Linderman and Bobby Brents, a slick submission from Pavel Kusch, an exciting back-and-forth tussle between Liam James and Jean N-Doye and other top matchups - a testament to the Cage Warriors matchmaking in Jordan.

Runners Up:

UCMMA 27 - 18%
Cage Contender 13 - 17%
Vision FC: Uprising - 10%

Fight of the Month

Brad Pickett vs. Damacio Page

As you can always expect when issue 2 cover star Brad Pickett is in the cage, the pace was frenetic and the action non-stop. Both men launched big right hands, had takedowns and scrambled like their lives depended on it. In the second Pickett sent his man to the canvas twice. Page showed his durability but ultimately succumbed to the choke after being dropped by an uppercut.

Runners Up:

Liam James vs. Jean N'Doye - 35%
Kris Edwards vs. Janne Elonen-Kulmala - 12%
James Doolan vs. David Haggstrom - 08%

Knockout of the Month

Mike Leng vs. Eric Cebarec

Ling has shown his striking prowess in his time as a pro, but rarely have we seen the tall middleweight's ground and pound as vicious. His opponent Eric Cebarec had a good first round, but Ling's takedown in the second led to a brutal onslaught of punches that forced the referee to intervene.

Runners Up:

Phil Flynn - 16%
Arnold Allen - 15%
Paddy Holohan - 12%

Submission of the Month

John Maguire vs. Damarques Johnson

Maguire told us 'the armbar was sweet' but his performance was not. However, here at Your MMA we thought the Gypsy Jiu Jitsu master looked in great form against Damarques Johnson en route to submitting him, and the finish was as slick as they come. GJJ is a force to be reckoned with.

Runners Up:

Pavel Kusch - 21%
Peter Richardson - 12%
Chris Hoban - 08%

Come and discuss the awards with us on Twitter: @YourMMA and on www.facebook.com/yourmma.

All the results can be found in issue two of Your MMA Magazine, along with exclusive content from Brad Pickett, John Maguire, Che Mills, Ronnie Mann, Curt Warburton, Leeroy Barnes, Mike Wootten and many, many more. Grab your copy here.

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