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Vision FC Fight Night 2 Event Report.

Vision FC Fight Night 2 Event Report

There were big wins for Love, Cullen and Connor in the pro ranks at Vision's latest event in Scotland.

Author: Dec Hillan (@DeclanHillan)


Dec Hillan was on the scene for Your MMA, and here's the rundown of all the fights from Vision FC's second 'Fight Night' event in Maryhill.

C-Class: Mick Rogers (Scottish Hit Squad) vs. Scott Coats (Gladitorial Combat)

Both fighters start very strong and find their way into a clinch with Rogers handing out some knees. However, Coats spins his back off the fence and returns the favour with some knees of his own. Coats takes this fight to the ground, handing out some ground and pound, but Rogers reverses in his favour and punishes his opponent with strikes. Rogers gets the armbar forcing Coats to tap.

Winner: Mick Rogers via Submission Rd 1, 3:26

C-Class: Chris Bungard (Scottish Hit Squad) vs. Steven McCreadie (DNFT)

Both men start off strong. Bungard gets the takedown but McCreadie gets straight back up. Bungard gets a single leg but McCreadie cage manages to reverse to hand out some ground and pound. The rest of the round is fought hard in the wrestling and clinch range.

Round 2 and both start with kicks. Bungard smashes a scissor kick into McCreadie's head but his leg is grabbed and he is taken down to the canvas.

Into the final round and both men start with kickboxing combos and once again McCreadie catches Bungard's leg and takes him down to the mat. He punishes him with some ground and pound. On the ground McCreadie chains kimura and arm triangle attempts but Bungard escapes. Both get up and near the end of the round McCreadie shows off his Muay Thai skills.

Winner: Steven McCreadie Via Decision

C-Class: Gav Donnely ( Shooters) vs. Calum Murie (SMAC)

Murie begins the fight with some big head high kicks showing off his Tae Kwon Do skills. Into a clinch and both hit back and forth with knees. Murie unleashes a devastating jumping spin kick but Donnely returns with a takedown and hands out some knees.

Round 2 and once again Murie shows why he is a World Tae Kwon Do champion. Clinchwork make up most of this round but Murie gets a takedown into a triangle choke and Donnely has no option but to tap.

Winner: Calum Murie via Submission Rd 2, 2:11

C-Class: Dave McDonald (Scottish Hit Squad) vs. Rossco Greig (Urban Disturbance)

McDonald starts with a double leg takedown, giving punches here and there but Greig returns with some of the same. McDonald gets side control and dishes out some ground and pound. Greig gets up but in the last few seconds McDonald gets a hip toss to end the round.

Into round 2 and McDonald starts once again with a double leg. For the whole round the fight is on the canvas with both fighters exchanging positions and strikes, but it's McDonald who dominates the ground game.

Final round and Greig shows off his boxing skills but McDonald returns by slamming Greig to the canvas, hitting out with some beautiful punches. For the rest of the round McDonald Slams Greig's head into mat.

Winner: Dave McDonald via Decision

C-Class: Scott Mulgrew (Lions Den) vs. Graham Black (Lycans)

Black takes Mulgrew down and unleashes some vicious ground and pound and moves to a rear naked choke, locking it in and forcing Mulgrew to tap.

Winner: Graham Black Via Submission Rd 1, 2:31

Flyweight: Josh Foster (Immortal MMA) vs. Mark Connor (DNFT)

They start by exchanging kicks and punches. Connor gets the trip takedown and rains down with massive hooks, hammer fists and elbows.

Connor begins round 2 with a double leg, gaining the back mount and finally settling into half guard to unleash elbows. Back to the feet and they're into a clinch against the cage where Connor hits Foster with a brutal knee to the face sending him down. On his way to the mat Connor makes sure with another hard knee to the face, knocking Foster out.

Winner: Mark Connor via KO Rd 2, 1:59

Featherweight: Danny Welsh (Independent fighter) vs. John Cullen (DNFT)

Welsh begins with a strong teep, following with body kicks and a flying knee to Cullen’s mid section. Cullen knocks Welsh down and smashes his head into the canvas with some hard punches. The referee has no option but to call an end to this one.

Winner: John Cullen Via TKO Rd 1, 1:31

Middleweight: Craig Robertson (Shooters) vs. Allan Love (DNFT)

Both men begin this battle with huge punches and knees back and forth. Love gets a double leg but Robertson gets up, only to be welcomed by a massive knee to the face. Both warriors swing everything they have at each other. Love lands a massive last minute head kick.

Round 2 and Love catches Robertson with an incredibly brutal uppercut, forcing Robertson to fall back to the canvas. With his senses gone, Love follows up with a substantial amount of ground and pound until the ref steps in to call a halt to this main event.

Winner: Allan Love Via TKO Rd 2, 0:13

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